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Why you should build your website with WordPress


WordPress is an open source (free and constantly developed) software program initially associated with blogging, but increasingly the web development platform of choice for many website developers and coders.

A lot of people are building their websites and blogs using WordPress without you even knowing it.

You can build a website today for absolutely no financial outlay whatsoever over at WordPress.com, or if you are bit more comfortable with coding and tweaking, you can
install the WordPress software on your own server or hosting space and develop your site that way.

If you decide to go the hosted route, you will need to make sure that your hosting company will support Wordpress and that you are able to create at least one SQL
Database on your account. Most free hosting will not allow you to do this.

You might be familiar with WordPress as a blogging platform, but it is also a very powerful and intuitive web development tool.

The web development work that I do uses WordPress almost exclusively and I have chosen to work this way for many reasons including:

Database Driven
Wordpress is database driven, so what you see on the screen when you call up a page in WordPress isn’t a static HTML page; it is actually the contents of a database
field or fields that have been presented to you on screen as a page or post that takes on the exact look and feel that the site’s developer intended when she built the site.

This process also makes WordPress very quick to load as only the absolute minimum of re-loading is going on each time you click a button or link.

The database in theory also makes the site very portable, so if you decide to change hosting, the site can be transferred simply to a new server (don’t try this if you don’t know what you are doing however, because simply doesn’t necessarily mean easily)


WordPress is the most intuitive web development tool due to its modularity. Remember in the old days when you asked a developer to build you a website for your small business?

If you came back to the developer later to say your business was changing direction and you need the site to reflect this with a new look and maybe some different pages
and functionality, you would be greeted with a sharp intake of breath and the inevitable words:

to be honest you’d be better starting from scratch.

Well with WordPress, there is never any need to start from scratch; you can keep all of your content and functions whilst changing the look and feel of the site easily.

More importantly, a 4donkeys client can start today with the simplest of blogs and end up with a mini social media site, full of bells and whistles somewhere later down the line and I will never have uttered the words:

“you’d be better starting from scratch” at any time along the way.

This is one of the most compelling reasons to build with WordPress.

Another is that even if you decide to load up WordPress and start building your own site, I can jump in and help you with the hard stuff anytime without having to undo loads of mistakes and bad code.

I can help you do just one little bit of your functionality or take over expanding the entire site.

Consistency in Design
Building your site with WordPress is also a good way to ensure that you don’t have a hotch-potch of different designs and looks on different pages. The theme or design you choose drives the look of the site, so that no matter what you type and no matter how many changes you make to a page or post it will always take on the look and feel you have already designed into it. And by and large it looks professional almost regardless of what you do to the content.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Being found on search engines is obviously a very important aspect of website development and WordPress is very strong on this right out of the box. However it is
also so tweakable that it almost unfair to sites written in other languages and programs.

I recently wrote a blog post about the amazing seo plug in for WordPress available for free from Yoast.com


If you are proficient at writing computer programs or coding, especially in html and css3, you can take WordPress to extraordinary levels, but there is absolutely no
need to get into any of that if you don’t want to.

Through tweaks to the CSS styling of your WordPress site or the addition of plugins and added html code we can make your site do just about anything you want.

Leaving all of that aside however, the main point I want to make about coding is that there are literally thousands of coders working on WordPress right now, to take
it to the next level of development.

Every now and then a major new version of WordPress is released and in-between these major releases, smaller updates are made to take care of bugs and to add

And if you can think of something you want your WordPress site to do, the chances are that someone has already written a plug-in to make it do that. Some of these are
free and some you have to pay for, but generally speaking they are mostly fantastic.

I recommend that you build your new site with WordPress.

Why not get started today.

Photo thanks to: David W.

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