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My Top 5 tips for building interest with Facebook

keep your fans engaged with facebookIt’s no secret that I am not the biggest fan of Facebook.

That opinion is based mainly on the consumer side of Facebook where the now giant corporation that is Facebook, dictates how its users interact with it; for example the forced changeover to time-line view.

However, I try to put all of that to one side when I am dealing with the great FB for business and especially when I am helping clients to grow their business exposure to the world. Facebook cannot be ignored in that sense, there are just too many users for that.

FB Fan Pages are very useful tools for building traffic to your website or blog and also to your Facebook profile pages.

Fan pages outstrip profile pages due to ability to have “Fans” and for your content to be constantly updated to your followers’ feeds by whenever you post something new.

The best way to build traffic through a Fan page is by encouraging your Fans to interact with your fan page. Here are my 5 top tips for doing that:

  1. Ask questions. Just ask the people who like you on your fan page a question. You might start with closed questions that just require a yes or a no, to get the ball rolling and to build confidence in your readers. Obviously these questions will be related to your business, art or philosophy and not just “did you see the state of Ian Beale on EastEnders last night?” As you build the interaction and confidence of your likers, you can move on to more open ended questions and actually have your likers grow the useful content value of your page to some extent.
  2. Point out updates. Just pointing out what you’ve added to your readers can increase interaction, boost responses to your questions and allow your new readers or fans to get up to speed with your content more quickly.
  3. Set up a landing page. Just as you might do on your website or blog, set one up to encourage people to “like” your page in exchange for a free download, discount, benefit or gift. This can help to build your opt in email list and allow you to gain permission to keep in touch my means other than Facebook.
  4. Use Facebook Advertising. I’m not usually one for recommending advertising but this is a solid way to attract otherwise passive traffic into your Fan pages. You should ideally send them to a landing page so that you hook the opt in email as well. (Building the number of likes you get will ensure that you appear on more and more news-feeds of the fans who sign up and subsequently this will turn into even more traffic.
  5. Content is Still King. I shouldn’t really have to say this but it stands to reason that you need to be providing useful and compelling content to your fans, to hopefully keep them coming back, spreading the word and coming on through to your website or blog to get more in depth info from you.

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Creative Commons License Moazzam Brohi provided today’s photo, thank you Moazzam!

List Building and Email Marketing

an email opt-in list is an impressive marketing tool

If you have something to say or sell and you want to spread the word and build a loyal following you need to build an opt-in email list.

You will have seen this on many sites; just a little box asking for your name and email address and maybe offering a free report or just a newsletter in return for these details; just the like the one to the right of this post.

If its being done properly and legally then you will usually have to confirm your subscription by clicking the link in an email you receive after signing up.

This is called Opting In to receive information from that site’s owner. Its also known as Permission Marketing (because you’ve given them permission to keep in touch) and it can be a very powerful strategy for building a loyal fanbase for your art or brand.

I’ve written a free eBook detailing all of the ins and outs of setting up and making use of this kind of website functionality and you can download it here.

Meantime if you are ready to get started building your list we have an Add-on service to help you get up and running fast and avoid all of the learner pitfalls in the process.

The service we recommend for this is called aWeber and you can go over and set up an account with them at aWeber.com. There are of course lots of great tutorials etc for getting you up and running with aWeber; but if you want to avoid yet another learning curve we can take care of all of the set up process for you as follows:

  1. Guide you through the aWeber account set-up process (we can’t enter your payment details etc, but we will guide you through this first stage.)
  2. Set up your first opt-in email list for you.
  3. Design, build and install your first email opt-in form to display on your site.
  4. Create and format your auto-reponder message from text provided by you.
  5. Upload any attachments and files you want to give away to list members at sign up.
  6. Create and format up to 10 follow-up messages from text provided by you (further messages can be added at £5 each)
  7. Test the set up and make sure everything is working correctly.

All of this for £75 (doesn’t include aWeber subscription fees)

Later once you are more familiar with aWeber you might want to add further functionality and we can help with that at very reasonable cost as follows:

  • Integrate aWeber with your Twitter Account £5
  • Integrate aWeber with facebook £5
  • Set up aWeber to broadcast your blog posts at set intervals £5
  • Design, format and send a regular e-Newsletter to your list £25 set up fee then £15 per newsletter thereafter.

If you are nervous or unsure about any of this; first of all download my FREE eBook on email marketing and/or feel free to give me a call on 01764 683461 or 07939 149103 (UK numbers) or drop me a line using the form below: