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How to deal with the EU Cookie Law

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

On the 25th May in Europe it became illegal for any website owner to set a cookie without the PRIOR explicit permission of the visitor. That means when an individual first visits a website that uses cookies they will have to agree to accept the cookies if they wish to use the site.

According to the legislators at the EU, this helps protect privacy.

But how can this be implemented within WordPress?

Technically, as WordPress uses at least a session cookie (and others if you have plugins for ecommerce and Google Analytics for example) anyone running a WordPress site which is accessed by people in Europe from 25th May will be doing so illegally.

Does it apply to your site?

If you’ve read this site’s terms, you will already know that I’m not a legal expert.

If you have a personal blog that isn’t selling anything or collecting email addresses, you should be OK, but remember I’m not a lawyer.

If, however, you are running a business website, I think you should assume that you need to take action and preferably sooner rather than later.

The EU Legislation that demands this, actually came into force in May 2011, but is only being enforced now.

So, I hear you say, thanks a bunch for screwing up my Monday morning John, how the hell am I going to deal with all this stuff?

This is another reason why you should be using WordPress.

You can quickly get a Privacy Policy in place using the OIK Privacy Policy Plug-in, and you can get yourself one of those cool drop down bars to warn people of your cookie policy by installing the EU Cookie Law plug-in

With a little bit of html magic you can create a link from the pop up to your Privacy Policy page and you are then way ahead of most folk in the EU.

There you go, a big headache solved in two easy steps.

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beautiful cookie photo thanks to Anne via Compfight