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Attention Deficit and how to deal with it

The scarcest commodity on the internet is “Attention”.

There is just so much noise out there and so many people wanting to be famous for a while that even if you have the most admirable and/or noble of intentions its very difficult to be heard above that noise.

To have the best chance of achieving Attention you must deliver attention along with quality work, demonstrate knowledge and above all in these cash strapped days the world finds itself in you must deliver value.

But how to keep things fresh in an attention poor, content hungry internet world?

Here are 5 things I think anybody using the Internet to promote their business must do

  1. Ignore Search Engines when developing your offer; if you sit worrying about key words and SEO all day long, in order to get to the top of Google, you will miss the mark with your customers by a wide wide margin. Sure there are things you can do to speed up your journey to Google Nirvana, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of delivering what you set out to deliver to your readers and customers. So if you’re not playing the same game as everybody else how do you get customers?
  2. You ring fence them by building your own Tribe; a growing band of merry followers who will snap up everything you throw at them, as long as it stays true to your principles of attention, quality, knowledge and value: OK so those are 4donkeys principles, but if a bunch of donkeys can do it…come on! People become members of your Tribe when they stand up and give you permission to keep in touch. If you’re totally confused by now you need to take some time out to read Seth’s books.
  3. You stay fresh and respond to the needs of your tribe. No you don’t let the tribe run the show, but you interact with them. They will help you to mould the future direction of your business and they will do one more crucial thing; they will attract more members to the tribe by word of mouth and association.
  4. Work on building a Permission or opt-in list and use it wisely to deliver value and “nice” surprises to your tribe. If you are on my list you will know how valuable the Famous Friday Freebie is every week…
  5. Take time to think and develop yourself. Read, learn and network to find new ideas and new ways of doing things. A large part of my week is spent looking for great new stuff to buy and give away in the FFF…aw nice eh?

Anyway, taking each of these points in turn I want to finish today by telling you about some more extremely valuable stuff that’s coming to GRP starting tomorrow:

  1. On not being a slave to the Search Engines: Tomorrow I want to share a true story with you about building a long term successful site with hard to find readers in a tiny niche and almost no social media exposure.
  2. On Monday I want to share with you a fool proof strategy for building a large permission list.
  3. On Tuesday I’m going to tell you about a new section I’m adding to GRP which is going to help you enormously in staying fresh and responsive in your web endeavours.
  4. Wednesday’s post will explain a little experiment I’m doing soon, which will help you and me to interact more closely on your projects; your own Free web consultant essentially.
  5. On Thursday I am going to show you how to finally put Papa Facebook to work for you. Once you implement this idea, instead of reams of messages saying “Awesome Dude, please please, please like our crappy page with no content of any consequence…please?:(“ you will be getting inbox messages saying “New follower on your list”. Call it my revenge on FB!

Have a great Saturday and I will be back tomorrow with my little case study for you.

Of course no time is a bad time to call on 07939 149103 or drop me a line if you need help with anything web wise.


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WP Lightbox UltimateThe WordPress Lightbox Ultimate plugin allows you to embed your media files (images, videos, mp3 etc) using lightbox overlay display similar to the one shown below

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WP PDF StamperThe WP PDF Stamper plugin allows you to dynamically stamp a PDF file with the customer’s details (e.g. name, email, address etc.) upon purchase. The stamper then sends the stamped copy of the PDF file to the customer via email. If you are wondering why it is important to stamp the PDF eBook before giving it to your customer then this page is for you.

Additionally, you can password protect the stamped PDF files with the customer’s email address and encrypt the PDF files to prevent users from being able to copy, modify or print the content of the file.

More details here.


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