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Getting to the Top of Google

SEO is mostly about quality content How do you get to the top of Google?

A lot of people who have brochure type sites (4 or 5 static pages) also ask when they will reach the top of Google search after having a new site built and think that some magical SEO fairy will make that happen.

The truth is that you need to have a lot of good quality unique content. So much so that lots of other people in your industry want to link to you.

Here’s a short bullet point case study for a page rank 1 site I manage:

  • Its in a very tight and very very small niche that the main blog writer knows a lot about and its, on a .co.uk domain with almost all of the traffic from the UK.
  • The site has a Google page rank 1.
  • It gets approx. 2000 unique visitors per month.
  • It returns the owner the equivalent of about £200 per month excluding adsense income
  • Its a blog with about 200 unique posts and it sells 3 industry specific eBooks and some fact sheets.
  • There’s an opt-in list of about 350 subscribers associated with it, which helps to drive sales and increase traffic.

There you have it…content is king in this instance and it can’t be over-emphasised.

If you truly know your subject, start telling us about it by blogging regularly and the rest will come naturally.

The basic SEO work that has been done on the site includes:

  • When writing a post in WordPress make sure that your keyword or phrase appears at the beginning of the title. This makes sure that your keyword is in the H1 tag which is important.
  • Use a further H tag (H2 for example) within the body maybe as a sub heading for your post.
  • Write a good keyword rich meta description for each post you write with the keywords appearing early within it.
  • Make sure you use keywords in your image names and “alt” tags which can provide an extra little boost to your SEO.
  • Make a page about your main blog subject and write a keyword rich article for this page of about 2000-5000 words and name the page using your key word phrase that you want to be found for in Google or other search engines. This page can be left static if you want but make sure its title is your keyword phrase.

If you are now scratching your head thinking what the hell was all that about, a good place to start is to install the Yoast SEO plug in.

Next is to pick up your phone and give me a bell on 07939 149103 or drop me a line…its free.

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