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How to have a Productive Website

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A lot of people forget that their website is a business marketing tool and that it isn’t the end in itself.

When you get to the office in the morning you wouldn’t dream of digging in to the programming code of your bookkeeping software to make it look or behave a little bit different or unscrew the back of the coffee machine to try to improve its performance.

As business people we somethimes take our eye off the ball and start to fart around with stuff that just isn’t helping us to be productive.

I love this short film of sculptor/artist Tom Sachs from the TheSelby which is another inspirational website for you to waste spend useful time on during your working day.

The main message for me from this film is to spend as much time as possible on your actual work, the business of creating whatever it is you create.

Even when he is working on a component he knows the likely “man hours” associated with this task. And whilst he is engaged in that task he says he is meditating on what that task actually means and where it fits in to the overall plan.

This is a very mindful way to work and we could all learn a lesson from him.

When working on a client’s project I am also aware of the man hours associated with each task. For example, yesterday I was installing and configuring a membership site plug in for a website I’m working on.

Because I know what to do and how the plug in works and where to look for help if I need it, I can confidently estimate my time and therefore be as productive as possible.

If my client had tried to do this work by herself, the time requirement would essentially be open ended, as there are so many blind alleys you can go down and so many errors that can be incorporated into the installation and configuration of a job like creating a membership site.

Worst of all she would have been using her clients as guinea-pigs to test whether or not her work was good enough. You only get one chance with clients on a membership site, so errors are not acceptable. People rightly get very touchy about their information being mis-handled by a business website.

So my message for today is to follow Tom Sachs’ example, be mindful, be creative and above all be productive.

Give me a call on 07939 149103 or head over to my maintenance page for all of your fiddly website issues and use your own valuable time doing the amazing stuff that you do.

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