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The Zen of SEO

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process through which web developers and copywriters create their work in order to achieve a high ranking in Google or other organic searches.

The other side of this equation is the search engine company who wants you to find exactly what you are looking for first time and this is for two major reasons:

  1. they want you to love them and keep using their search engine.
  2. they want to make sure that their already highly targeted advertising is appealing to you at least some of the time.

So there are two things going on here. There are web developers and writers trying to get to the top of Google and there are people looking for stuff on the Internet.

Sometimes though, web developers get all messed up with this strange quest for the top ranking site. This is understandable, as web developers who can prove that they can code sites that frequently hit the high spots on Google or Bing become god like beings, sought after by new clients who also think they want a piece of the Google pie.

This misses the point to some extent however. Because its only beneficial to be at the top of a google search if the person who searched was actually looking for a service or a product exactly like yours; anything else is a complete waste of time.

For most bloggers or small website owners its probably better to concentrate your effort on building a Tribe of 1000 excited followers who probably find you by other means such as recommendations, links etc.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t make some in-roads into SEO in the meantime, you just don’t need a guru to help you with it because there are some amazing plug ins for WordPress that can help you just as well and for a lot less time and cash.

In fact my personal favourite among these is actually FREE.

The brilliant SEO plug in from Yoast.com is an amazingly powerful plug in that uses a traffic light system to tell you how your post or page is doing for SEO. Not only that, it actually tells you what to do about it too.

Best of all, you can decide how to use the advice it gives you.

For example, it might point out that your key word density is too low and suggest that you add your key word or phrase into your content a few more times.

But you might decide that this would be inappropriate and ignore it. Meantime though you might be able to re-construct your post’s URL by dropping out a few linking words like “and”, “to” etc and get a much better SEO result this way.

The plug in goes much further than this though as it also does a full page analysis that tells you how easy or difficult your content is to read and it makes suggestions as to how you can improve this.

There’s something very satisfying about getting the green light from the Yoast plug in after you have made the required tweaks to your content.

You can get the full details of the plug in here.

Remember its free, so if you like it, Joost might appreciate a small donation.

And as ever, if you need help to install, set up or implement this new strategy just phone me on 07939 149103 (UK number) or drop me a line.

Happy SEO-ing

Photo thanks to: MoneyBlogNewz

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