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How to sell your eBook securely

sell digital content securelyRunning a business on-line seems like the easiest thing in the world and it actually is…until the Monkey Mind starts to play around with your dreams.

You’ve spent weeks writing and formatting your new eBook explaining your philosophy on what you do and you have an eager list of customers just waiting for you to let it out into the world.

Setting up a page in your wordpress site to sell the book couldn’t be easier, you’ve built a page before so that’s OK, you’ve uploaded a file before so that’s fine too. You’ve even designed and embedded a Paypal button before so whats not to like about this situation?

You are minutes away from becoming a published writer and you know that your readers are going to love it and that they will be itching to get their wallets out to get their hands on a copy of your latest thinking…wooo..hoo lets go!

Its about now that the Monkey Mind kicks in to stop you dead in your tracks:

What’s to stop the first buyer sharing the location of the download page with an online forum and for thousands of copies of your eBook to go out into the world for free?

Answer: nothing.

Although most people are honest it only takes one to do this to screw up your income potential and of course just sharing it with a couple of friends is OK isn’t it?

Well that kind of trouble is over.

By using this cool wordpress plug in you can sell your digital content securely and minimise the likelihood of unscrupulous sharing of your files. Here’s how it works:

  1. After installing and configuring the plug in you essentially have a full e-commerce store capability on your site that you can use to sell digital and physical goods simply and securely.
  2. Paypal and other payment systems are already integrated so there’s no need to configure buttons or anything like that.
  3. When you create a product on your site the location of the file (eBook for example) is never visible and the customer receives an encrypted link that doesn’t give away the file’s location.
  4. You can set the link to expire after any time period you like, so that they can’t share the link by email either.
  5. Setting up the plug in is a simple step by step process and support is second to none.

Full plug in details.

And of course if you need help with installing and configuring the plug in I can do all of that for you to.