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the 10 Minute MBA by John Quinn

the 10 Minute MBA by John QuinnWe’ve just published John Quinn’s new book the 10 Minute MBA.

In this groundbreaking new work, John teaches us about business or more importantly how simple business can be if you understand an apply a very short list of key issues.

John shows how being successful in business is all about understanding how a great business fits together and not about how expensive an MBA you have, even arguing that the traditional Business School MBA hinders rather than helps due to its tendency to encourage us to over think things.

Early on in the book John reveals his 10 Minute MBA formula which will amaze you with its simplicity. He then uses the remainder of the book to walk you through the process of applying the 10 Minute MBA to a real business…the only way to really learn as John points out.

John Quinn is known for his lack of fluff and throughout this quick and entertaining read he seams to have slashed every word that even came close to be superfluous with the result that you feel like you are assimilating every piece of the teaching as fast as you can read it. This is made doubly easy by John’s ingenious use of memory hooks to make sure you can actually learn his MBA in 10 Minutes!

The book turns commonly held views and wisdom on Marketing, Operations, People Management and Finance on their heads and leave you feeling equipped to take  on any challenge in business.

For the launch of the book John has created a special website for readers to explore what happens next in their business development and to provide them with tools and resources they can use right away to implement the 10 Minute MBA in their own businesses.

Highly recommended. More Details

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